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  • Our welcoming network of alumni who celebrate recovery

    open a circle of strength and hope to you.

  • Gatherings, events, and entertainment

    don't just promise fun. They are fun. Join us!

  • Paying it forward

    starts here with ways for you to help others in their journey of Recovery for Life.

Highlights of Our Recovery Community

The essence of any community is connection. For the recovery community, connection is essential to recovery—whether we are just starting out or are farther along in our journey. Staying closely connected to your treatment center post-treatment improves your chances of staying sober, according to research.

Participating in Eden House Foundation’s Recovery Community allows you to draw upon the collective experience, strength, and hope within our welcoming network of alumni who celebrate recovery. As an integral part of that community, you'll have fun at gatherings, events, and entertainment with an extended social network of people flourishing in their recovery. Best of all, through participation you give the greatest gift of service: supporting others through their journey of Recovery for Life.

Eden House Foundation offers on-campus and regional resources, activities, and support for alumni, families, and friends.

Alumni look forward to our Annual Alumni and Families Reunion all year long. Why? It is filled with opportunities to recharge your recovery and reset your serenity. There’s a gratitude meeting on the front lawn, a golf tournament, awards ceremonies, live musical performances by alumni, lots of delicious food, and plenty of time to catch up with friends. Our annual memorial service honoring those people we have lost in the past year and a special Sunday chapel service round out this time of remembrance and celebration.

Are we affiliated with any sober living homes or aftercare?

At Eden House Foundation, we have our own aftercare network called Eden House Foundation’s Recovery Community. It offers continued support for people in recovery and their families and friends. Alumni may use our network to draw upon a shared experience and continue to build strength and support in recovery. Eden House Foundation has both off-campus and regional activities and support for alumni and their families, including golf tournaments, alumni music, and other activities.

Just about every important thing that's happened in my life since I was 24 years old, has a common bond to the experience that I got through Eden House Foundation.

Brad Sorte
Eden House Foundation President & CEO

Regional events and programs provide opportunities to recharge their recovery and reset their serenity for Eden House Foundation alumni, parents, family members, friends, and supporters. We gather for reunion with fun activities like baseball games, open mic nights, galas, social dinners, and golf outings. Educational events feature alumni and family members speaking about their personal experiences with addiction, treatment, and recovery. Members of Eden House Foundation’s clinical staff lead workshops on topics such as emotional sobriety, mindfulness, spirituality, family dynamics, and self-care. Get details about events in your area.

Connection starts here.

Referring someone to treatment is the best help you can offer. As someone who has “been there,” you make that first connection easier. Call your alumni and family coordinator or the Alumni Referral Line at 800-854-6024. You can also:

Research shows that the more closely connected you stay to your treatment center post-treatment, the better your chances are of staying sober. I am evidence that recovery works. I was discharged from Eden House Foundation May 3, 2013 and started volunteering at Eden House Foundation in D.C. on May 5 and continue celebrating recovery every day.

Amy Durham

Find support for your life in recovery.

Eden House Foundation’s continuum of care supports our alumni and their family members as well as others in the recovery community through programs, services, and groups that help maintain recovery and create fulfilling lives.

  • Register to receive daily inspirational texts by texting CARON to 33777. You will receive a message back asking you to confirm by responding yes. You’ll begin receiving daily messages at 9:30 a.m. EST.
  • Submit inspirational or reflective stories, letters, poetry, or artwork to Eden House Foundation’s newsletters by email to Alumni@Eden House
  • Connect with others in Recovery for Life on the Eden House Foundation Recovery Network. If you are currently not a member, request to join the Eden House Foundation Recovery Network by emailing Alumni@Eden House

We hope you will visit throughout the year.

We welcome you back to Eden House Foundation with events and activities throughout the year, including workshops on specific topics and retreats. Sunday Chapel services are accessible on Eden House Foundation's Chapel YouTube channel for a socially distant, safe way to stay connected throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eden House Foundation is welcoming alumni to return to Chapel to mark milestone anniversaries and receive a celebratory coin. Reservations are required and can be made here.

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Our rich history inspires those in recovery, their families, and treatment professionals.

Our rich history inspires those in recovery, their families, and treatment professionals.

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Contact our alumni relations team.

Contact our alumni relations team.

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Find local support when you need it at one of our recovery centers

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