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Opioid Treatment

If opioids have you in their grip, turn to Eden House Foundation.

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At a Glance

  • Our evidence-based treatment and support

    can help you reclaim your quality of life.

  • Full-time physicians and experts

    skilled in treating addiction and managing complex needs provide medical care.

  • Credentialed nursing staff

    offer education specific to opioid-related issues, including craving management and sleep hygiene.


Highlights of Opioid-specific Programming

Eden House Foundation’s treatment for opiate-specific programming incorporates proven, medically driven methods for treating opioid addiction. Individual and group therapy allow you to address mental health and emotional issues that stand in the way of your long-term recovery. Through modalities like dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and cognitive processing therapy (CPT), we work with our patients to re-build a firm foundation for sustaining their recovery.

Eden House Foundation’s Approach to Treating Opioid Use Disorder includes:

With more than 65 years of history treating substance use disorder and process addictions, Eden House Foundation emphasizes Recovery For Life. Our cornerstones are clinical excellence and uncompromising patient-centered care. That's why we provide every patient with lifetime support. Substance use disorder is a chronic treatable brain disease that requires a long-term management plan.

At Eden House Foundation, we believe it is critical for the family to be part of their loved one’s treatment process. Our family programming is designed to provide family members with the information they need to better understand substance use disorder, mental health disorders, and how best to support their loved one in their recovery. The program enables the whole family to recover and move forward in ways that lead to optimal emotional health for everyone.

Expanded, deeper treatment builds a strong foundation for recovery.

For those who would benefit from extended treatment of their opioid use disorder, including individuals who have participated in a primary treatment program outside of Eden House Foundation, we have extended care options. Together with your treatment team, you will address underlying issues that could be a barrier to long-term recovery, learn life and coping skills, and develop a continuing care plan that can support you in getting past cravings or a desire to relapse.


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